We enjoyed two weeks of Farm Camp up here at the farm. The first week was for 4-6 year olds and the second, for 7-12 year olds. They helped out with farm chores, explored the woods, learned about tending plants, met the farm animals, and had an overall great time. We, the farmers, farmers in training, and other volunteers appreciated their lively presence on the farm!

July 4th resized
What do “Pea”woks, “Cuke” Skywalker,”Goda”, and “Corn” Troopers have in common? They were just some of the characters in the Ester 4th of July parade! With the theme of ‘The Farm Awakens’, Calypso farmers and friends entertained the masses by putting our ‘spin’ on Star Wars. Hope everyone had as much fun on the ‘Force’ of July as we did!