Although the farm is a working, economically successful farm, the educational programs are of prime importance here at Calypso.  Several thousand people participate in educational programs each year. To learn more about our educational programs, click on the tabs for each program. Programs include:

Farm Field Trips

Calypso’s field trips provide fun, hands-on, educational experiences with Alaskan farming, boreal forest ecology, and folk arts. Calypso has been offering spring, summer, and fall field trips since 2000. 

Summer Camps

 In 2014, Calypso started two summer camp programs. Calypso offers summer camps at the farm and at the school gardens!  Camps are week-long day camps where children get the opportunity to immerse themselves in farm and garden life. They explore, help with garden/farm chores, express their creativity with art projects and help with harvest and snack their way through the fields! 

 Farmer Training Program

Calypso’s Farmer Training Program is an intensive experiential education program focused on providing the skills, inspiration and experience necessary for participants to embark on starting their own small farm with confidence.

School Gardens 
The Schoolyard Garden Initiative responds to the need for hands-on educational opportunities in schools, a gardening and nutrition connection for children and locally grown food for the community. 

Ecological Workshops

       Calypso Farm & Ecology Center offers a variety of hands-on ecological workshops through the year. Some of the workshops are season sensitive, so look for the months they are offered. The duration of classes varies.

Blacksmithing Workshops

 Calypso is excited to offer classes that introduce traditional forging techniques in the Greenman Forge Smithy. Our forging sessions cover the fundamental techniques of blacksmithing with an emphasis on forging technique and hammer control.

Wool and Fiber Arts Workshops

Calypso offers a variety of wool-related workshops over throughout the year, including topics such as beginning and intermediate spinning, core spinning, art yarn spinning, natural dyeing, dye painting techniques, and acid dyeing.


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