Interactive, seasonal and place-based learning experiences for students of all ages and interests.


Experience our ecological farm and the surrounding boreal forest through a variety of lenses and exploratory themes. Whether you are interested in local boreal ecology, gardening and food production, animal husbandry, aquatic invertabrates, fiber and nature arts, any other aspect connected to our web of life, there’s something to explore and learn at Calypso. 

Summer Field Trip Themes

Life on the Farm,    Sheep and Wool,   Insect Exploration,   Nature Journaling,  &  Life Cycles

Fall Field Trip Themes

Fun With Fungi, Pizza, Taste Testing

Feel free to contact us about creating customized field trips to fit into your educational curriculum. We can cater to a large variety of subjects and grade levels.

To schedule a field trip, call 451-0691 or email:

Want to get involved? Dozens of community volunteers lead groups of children on farm field trips as docents!

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Field Trip Offerings

The baseline price for field trips is $6. Field trips with associated material costs have alternative prices listen.  A minimum of 8 students is required for all field trips, unless otherwise listed; we can cater to less students for the equivalent dollar amount. Chaperones are free; we ask for one chaperone per 8 students, after which each adult pays the price of a student. We do not want cost to be a barrier to you attending a field trip, so please ask about our sliding scale.

Summer Field Trips:


Life on the Farm

A snapshot of the entire farm and surrounding forest. Students will flow through stations emphasizing the different pieces of the farm and forest, learning how they interact to support one another. Interacting with the animals, exploring the forest, and learning about growing food in Alaska. They also will go on an exciting walk on our nature trails, learning about the animals and plants that live in the boreal forest to paint a full picture. If the pond is available they will also get a glimpse of our water system and all of the life it supports.

Cost: $6 / child



Sheep and Wool

This field trip gives children a chance to become acquainted with Calypso’s Shetland sheep. They will learn how we take care of our sheep and how we use their wool. Additionally, they will learn some basic techniques for working with wool and take home their own felted or spun wool object.

Cost: $7 / child


Insect Exploration

Explore the world of insects at Calypso, from honeybees in the garden, to dragonflies in the pond and everything in between including the surrounding boreal forest. Topics include life cycles of the insects, as well as the functional role insects play within agricultural as well as natural ecosystems.

Cost: $6 / child



DSC07589Nature Journaling

Students will hone their observational skills through watching, drawing, and writing on the farm, with the animals, in the garden or in the forest. The best way to absorb nature’s wealth of knowledge is through recording what we see, smell, hear, feel, taste. Students will get their own journal to bring home and the program will give them the framework to continue journaling after they leave.

$7/ child . Geared for age 10 and up.




Life Cycles

Come explore the farm looking through the lens of the various life cycles that happen on the farm. These overlapping cycles run through our entire farm, from the reproductive cycles of our farm animals and plants to the seasonal shifts within the surrounding boreal forest and its inhabitants. This field trip is great for students learning about Life Cycles in their school curriculum.

$6 / child

Fall Field Trips:

Starting late July these field trips will become available in addition to the summer field trip themes.


Fun With Fungi

Come and enter the microcosm of the forest floor, explore the marvelous world of fungi learning about their important roles in the ecosystem and their extraordinary physiology. With hands on exploration and activities children will go home with a new appreciation for the mysterious, unknown world of fungi.

$6/ child




In this fun filled field trip the kids will pick farm fresh toppings for their pizza as they tour the garden, then help build and cook it in our wood fired brick pizza oven. From flour to cheese, they will see every step in the pizza production process. They will learn about the different ingredients and get to eat them too!

$7/ child





Taste Testing

In this field trip, kids will tour the garden using their taste buds. With over 50 varieties of edible plants in the garden they will likely try something new. Everyone has the chance to discover a new favorite food. Through this field trip kids will learn about plants and the strength of biodiversity in the garden.

$6/ child





**Important Documents**

We need these forms filled out for each field trip that we do so please fill them out and send them to us when you decide to come to the Farm!

Permission slips and photo release forms and Teacher Information

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Calypso’s field trips provide fun, hands-on, educational experiences with Alaskan farming, boreal forest ecology, and folk arts. Calypso has been offering spring, summer, and fall field trips since 2000.