Ecology & Farming Workshops



Calypso offers a wide variety of Ecological Workshops ranging from starting seeds, garden planning, and composting to baking in a wood-fired oven and raising and butchering meat birds. These workshops are mostly offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons as they pertain to many aspects of the maintaining the Farm. Many of the Ecological Workshops are also offered in conjunction with the Farmer Training Program, but can be offered at alternate times when there is interest from the community. Susan Willsrud, Tom Zimmer and Christie Shell are the primary teachers for these workshops.

blacksmithingBlacksmithing Workshops

Calypso, in collaboration with the Fairbanks Folk School, offers numerous classes in a variety of blacksmithing topics.   Blacksmithing classes are offered with either an adult or youth focus.  These classes familiarize people with the techniques of forging and metal working.  The students will gain an understanding of the metals around them and ability to use metal work as both a creative outlet and the practical skills necessary to fix and reuse materials.

The classes focus on the fundamentals of the Blacksmithing craft allowing the exploration of traditional methods through project based sessions. For example: S-Hooks = hot cutting, fullering, twisting and bending; J-Hooks = tapering, round to square to round; Fire forks = chisel splitting, drawing down, etc.  Classes are limited to 4 students and the instructor which allows for a safe working environment, an anvil workstation for each student and plenty of personal instruction.  The smithy is well equipped with numerous forging tools, so students can try out tools and discover which ones work best for them.  Most classes operate around the gas forge but a coal forge is utilized for specialty classes.

spinningWool Arts Workshops

Calypso offers a variety of wool-related workshops throughout the year, including topics such as beginning and intermediate spinning, core spinning, art yarn spinning, natural dyeing, dye painting techniques, and acid dyeing. Learn about the properties of wool and create original products that explore design, color and texture. Many of the spinning classes are offered during the Winter season while some of the dyeing workshops can only take place in the Summer and Fall because of the need for space and water. Susan Willsrud is the primary contact for the Wool Workshops, so contact her if you have any questions!


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