Calypso Farm & Ecology Center offers a variety of hands-on ecological workshops through the year.  Sign up for our scheduled workshops or browse our topics below and schedule your own!

Aspiring farmer or avid home gardener? Gain the skills you need through one of our 19 hands-on farming classes this season, including:  

  • Planning a Home-Scale Food Production Garden
  • Beginning Organic Gardening
  • All About Seeds & Starts
  • Basic Drip Irrigation
  • Root Cellar Basics
  • Apple Cultivation, Care & Grafting
  • Soil Basics
  • Organic Fertilizers & Soil Testing
  • Bread Oven Building
  • Greenhouse Construction & Operation
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Vermiculture
  • Composting
  • Seed Saving
  •  Chicken & Pig Butchering


Schedule Your Own Workshop

Can’t make one of the workshops on the calendar or want to try a different topic? We can work with groups of 5 or more to arrange a date and time for any workshops we offer. Call us at 907-451-0691 to schedule. Many of the workshops are seasonal, so take note of the months they are offered.

Become a Member & Get a Discount on Workshops! Workshops are priced at $10/hour for members and $15/hr for non-members. Please note: some of these workshops require an additional materials fee


Ecological Workshop Topics


IMG_9585_edited-1All About Seeds and Starts

Learn techniques for growing healthy, organic transplants at home. Topics include: choosing the right potting soil and containers, setting up proper lighting, effective watering and choosing seed varieties. 2 hours. February – September.

Baking in a Wood-fired Oven

Enjoy fresh bread from our wood-fired bread oven! This workshop will include an overview of the structure and materials needed to build a wood-fired oven. We will also demonstrate a variety of bread baking techniques used for the oven. 2 hours. March – September.


Beginning Organic Gardening

Are you interested in learning more about how to grow vegetables without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides? Learn the basics of gardening organically in Fairbanks. Get an overview on ecological gardening methods including soil care, pest management, weed management and bed design. 2 hours. February – September.


This workshop will provide step-by-step guidelines for successful home composting using a large, free-standing pile method. We will also cover the basic principles of making good compost using any method. Come prepared to build compost. 2 hours. June – September.

Container Gardening

Do you only have a small patio but still want to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers? Come learn about the basics of container gardening. We will discuss what varieties thrive, types of containers and the ups and downs of container gardening. 2 hours. February – September.

img_4351Dried Flowers & Wreath Making

Discover garden plant varieties you can dry at home. Learn to arrange a wreath using dried plants and flowers. Come away with your own dried flower wreath creation! These wreaths make great holiday gifts. 3 hours. September.

Drip Irrigation Basics

Learn how to set up and use drip irrigation in your home garden. Drip irrigation saves water, time and money and improves root growth. This hands-on workshop will give you all the information you need to install your own system. 2 hours. May – September.

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Explore Cut Flowers

Come tour our gardens and learn about cut flower varieties and growing flowers for bouquets. Take home your own bouquet of freshly cut and arranged flowers. 2 hours. July – September.

Exploring Vegetable Varieties

Tour Calypso’s field and take a look at the over 400 vegetable varieties. This a great opportunity to get ideas for your own garden. 2 hours. July – September.

IMG_4901Garden Planning with Kids

What kind of garden would work best in the space you have? Join us and walk away with your own personalized kid-friendly garden plan. Find out how crop rotation, companion planting and long-term planning will benefit your garden. 2 hours. March – September.

Know Your Soils

Come and learn how to build healthy soil for your garden. Topics include getting to know your garden soil, tips for importing soil for raised boxes, organic soil fertilizers, cover crops, soil properties, taking soil samples and interpreting soil test results. 2 hours. May – September.

Planning a Home-Scale Food Production Garden

Do you want to learn how to plan and grow a garden that meets some or all of your food needs and makes the best use of the space that you have? Join us and walk away with your own personalized garden plan. 3 hours. February – September.

IMG_6818Preserving Your Harvest Through Fermentation

Don’t let your harvest go to waste. Come learn these healthy, low energy methods to preserve your produce all year long. 2 hours. July – September, *limited offerings.

Raising & Butchering Meat Birds

Raising your own meat can be a practical, satisfying and healthy option for your family. Come learn about housing, feeding and caring for meat chickens. You will also learn humane and safe techniques for butchering and cleaning birds to be ready for home consumption. 3 hours. August, *limited offerings.

IMG_4255Raising Chickens, Goats and Sheep

Fresh eggs and milk produced at home can become a reality for you. We will explore our animal barn, chicken coop and grazing pastures and discuss how to raise chickens, goats and sheep. 2 hours. May-September.

Root Cellar Basics

Are you interested in storing your vegetables through the winter? Root cellars, one of the oldest methods of vegetable storage, are a valuable tool for any home gardener! Join us to learn the basics of root cellar design, construction, and maintenance. February – September.

Seed Saving

Preserve your garden’s (and our planet’s!) diversity by growing and saving your own seeds. Become familiar with the basic botanical concepts, seed saving techniques and resources needed to become a successful seed saver. 2 hours. February – September.

Starting a Home Garden CSA

Is your garden producing enough for your family…and a few others? Learn how to turn your garden into a small Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation. This is a great way to grow food for our community and cover your costs. 2 hours. February – September.

Worm Composting

Come learn more about how composting worms can work for you. This workshop will explore basic home worm composting techniques including home-made and commercial options for worm bins. 2 hours. February – September.