Where are you from? Originally from Delaware, but now I live in Bar Harbor, Maine. 

What drew you to the Farmer Training Program at Calypso? A teacher of mine shared Calypso’s information to my school’s email forum. After looking into what Calypso was about,  I was hooked, and tried to come last summer (2015) but it didn’t work out, so now I’m here this summer.  I wanted to come learn how to farm, how to use power tools, to learn about basic construction, blacksmithing, and in general, just other life skills that I’ve never had the opportunity or resources to learn about.  I was also interested in the farm planning aspect, and being able to learn how to set up a business plan that I can take back home and actually put it into action has been life changing. 

What do you look forward to this season? Everything. Seriously, everything. I’m so excited to learn more about blacksmithing right now!


Ryker trialing out some ferments.

What drew you to the Farmer Training Program at Calypso?  I’m from Anchorage, Alaska.  I initially found out about the Farmer Training Program a few years ago while researching farm apprenticeships Alaska. Calypso seemed like they had something unique to offer and I really resonated with the style of farming they practice here. The diversity of the farm, the focus on individualized learning as well as the whole farm planning exercises were especially attractive to me. Tom, Susan and Christie have all been incredibly generous with their time and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. 


What do you look forward to this season?

I really enjoy being outside and working with my hands, especially on sunny days! I find a lot of joy in working with plants and the opportunity to observe them throughout their life cycle.   I’m looking forward to learning more about how to run my own farm, ecology, community, earth skills and self sufficiency.