Forging Wolf Jaw Tongs.

 In this 3 hour session we will begin to explore the world of tongs and examine different tong styles (for example scrolling, box jaw, V-bit).  In the smithy, tongs can be one of the essential tools when forging and we … Continue reading →

Forging Fire Forks

     In this 3-hour forging session you will try your hand at chiseling and splitting different stock to create unique styled fire forks  We will explore numerous tine and handle options and the forging techniques required to create them.  You … Continue reading →

Forging Handles

Through Forging Handles we will explore the processes of twisting, bending, punching and chiseling. The resulting handles will take on a variety of forms depending on the stock and sequences we use. This will be a great chance to hone … Continue reading →

Visit us this Friday from 4-8pm to celebrate the arts at Calypso!  Come meet our friendly Shetlands, learn how we process their beautiful fleece to create wool goods, watch blacksmithing demos, and taste some bread from our wood-fired oven! We will also have hands-on natural dyeing, wet felting, and other creative activities for every age.  

See you there!  


Blacksmithing Workshop: Forging Hooks.

Hooks can be forged in all shapes and sizes from barn wall spike hooks to fine forked towel hooks.  This is a perfect project session to continue improving your forging skills, try your hand at scrolling pigtails and learn basic … Continue reading →